Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Break 2009

I guess a post every 6 months isn't bad, right???
Emily attended her friend, Molly's 11th birthday at the ice rink just after winter break began.
Emily and Molly were racing on the ice and Emily took a spill, splitting her right eyebrow open.
A trip to the hospital was followed by 9 stiches!
She's doing great now - you can hardly see where the stiches were!

A few days BEFORE the fall with her friend Regan at their 5th grade class party.

Some of Emily's classmates at their holiday party.


Daniel Haynes said...

Missed you guys on Sunday.

Emily does look better now than the pictures.

As for blogging, once every six months is at least consistent.

Meg said...

Poor sweet Emily. Reminds me of the time Lauren split her head open when she was two. Scary. I am glad she is alright. SO sorry she had to go through it.