Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas morning 2008

Merry Christmas from the Lewis Family!!
Here is Steve getting the lamb ready to go in the oven.

Emily with her stocking

I love gum!

What else did Santa bring me?

"Whoa! I got gold coins mom!"

Look what else I got - gummi life savers!

And gum!

"Hey, I got an orange!"

Maybe something else will fall out if I put it on my head.

I'm not quite ready for Christmas - I need to stretch.

The pose before the break through!

I want my presents NOW!!

Ryan asked Santa for Geo Trax

Emily got a some American Girl things.

Jared concentrating on opening a Santa gift.

Just what every boy wants, clothes and books from Santa!

Putting on the American Girl outfit.

Race cars


A thank you not from Santa for the cookies, milk and carrots.

A special present Emily wrapped for Grandma Carma.

Christmas with the missionaries!

So, for Christmas this year we had dinner with Carma (Steve's mom), the Brown's and the missionaries. Dawn was ready with some activites before dinner. She challenged the elders to a gingerbread making contest - kids (and Dawn) against the elders.

YOU decide who won!
On your mark . . .

Get set . . .

Go Dawn, Go!!

OK, I think we need some more gum drops over here and less candy sprinkles on the roof.

More decisions.

Elder Wood with the missionaries final creation. Who won? The Elders or . . .

the kids?

Emily posing for a picture in her new shirt from Santa.

Jared and Dallin in the front yard attempting to build a fort.

The Lewis' and the Brown's

Here is our Christmas card hall of fame (Grandma - your card is in the upper left corner)

For Christmas dinner we prepared a traditional New Zealand dinner of garlic and rosemary roast lamb. Unfortunately I forgot to buy fresh rosemary. This summer I grew an herb garden on the back porch and just for laughs I went out to see if I had anything growing (yeah right, under 5 inches of snow).
Low and behold there was my rosemary growing right in the middle of winter!
Our lamb dinner was saved by a Christmas miracle!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Emily's Christmas pictures