Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Crazy, Funky, Junky Hat

Jared's 11th Birthday Party

So it's been a while since I updated my blog (March was the last entry). Dawn, this is for you!!
These pictures are from Jared's 11th birthday party. He had some of his close friends over - Dallin, Connor and Randy. Jared doesn't like birthday cake, so he always has icecream cake instead. Here is Steve lighting the icecream birthday cake.

Jared didn't want to have his picture taken. So I got a half smile.

Oh, boy! It's time to blow out my candles!!

Maybe it would work better if I blew them out with my NOSE!! (gross!!)

Not very happy because his friends blew the candles out before he could think of another creative way to blow out the candles!

Dallin and Jared horsing around

A late picture of the icecream cake (with knife already in it)

The boys eating cake. I'm not sure what Connor is doing. . .

The evening got pretty crazy. Steve let the boys take turns melting their icecream cake with a lighter. This is Dallin taking his turn - can we say pyro??

Below is Connor taking a turn. I left the boys with Steve for one minute and when I came back the boys had stuck ALL the candles (about 15) in one piece of cake and lit them. They tried roasting all kinds of things over the fire - marshmallows, candy, cookies . . . whatever they could find. Then Steve dared them to eat it! They did!! I didn't get a picture, too bad!