Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lake Meridian 105 degrees!!

Jared had me take his picture in front of the thermostat so everyone could see it was a record breaking day in Seattle - 105 degrees.

Steve, Ryan and Emma

Emily's friend, Molly
Ryan's best friend, Tate, jumping off the boat

Molly, Emily and Jared

Tate and Ryan
Emma and Ryan
Ryan and Tate

Jared doing some kind of funny dance

Getting a "thumbs up" from Molly

Cath and me enjoying the sun
Ryan, "Daddy, can I take the car in the lake?"
Steve, "Let's see if it floats" (as he throws the toy in the water) "yep, it's good".
10 minutes later the car sank.

Molly and Ryan

Three cuties

Emily and Molly
and Emma
Jared trying to dodge a photo
Ryan "driving" the boat

Emma and Cath


Monday, July 6, 2009


Steve explaining the game to Emily.

Ichiro getting ready to bat.


Steve, Emily (with pink hat) and Ryan.

Doin' the Mariners dance!

What is it this time Jared?